Hip-Hop Bay All-Stars @ The SF Hip-Hop Film Festival 2011

SF Hip Hop Film Festival: In Honor of Hip Hop His(Her)story Month.
Produced and directed by Charles ‘chaz’ Cabonce-GroovMekanex.

THE HIPHOPBAY ALLSTARS (a tribute to Afrika Bambaataa for the Zulu Nation and as a Zulu)

Choreographers Jennliee Gomez(Black Sheep)
Mika Limoines-Mix’d Ingrdnts (Holy Intellect)
JayPee Diaz-GroovMekanex(Renegades of Funk)

Whacko, Iron Monkey’, The Legendary Knuckle Neck Tribe, Mix’d Ingrdnts, Noel Rokswel/Renegades, Mike Po, Jennilly (bsyde/janeDOE), Invent, Bboy Golden Arms, Maya Bashani, Karla Flores, MikeyFingers, Alan Mar David, Zulu Kool DJ Dizzy, and The GroovMekanex, Aiko Shirakawa, Agatha, Profo Won and Rob Nasty, Don Alonzo, Traci Bartlow

DJ Kool Dizz