Chaz aka Charlie Hustle

chazbioAs founder of GroovMekanex, Charles Cabonce aka Charlie Hustle has been dancing professionally for 18 years and has been lockin for 30 years (1984 – present). The group has come up on their 14th year and but have many more frontiers to chart. Aside from just dancing, ‘Chaz’ as his friends would call him is currently producing and directing shows and has performed for Rennie Harris(Philadelphia), Georgetown University’s Urban Fare(Wash DC) Rock The School Bells(SF), HipHop Dance (SF)Festival, The CIty Dance (SF). Alongside of performing and producing shows, Chaz has been involved with the underground hiphop culture for years be it performing shows or producing music to just speaking to younger dancers about social issues and positive solutions.  As a contribution to the community, Chaz has been hosting a dance session for 7 years called GMhq (groovmekanex head quarters) where all are invited to practice dance in a space without ANY judgement especially for beginners who are able to ask ANYONE they want to learn from without being turned down. The session is free.

GROUPS AFFILIATED: Natural Elements Crew (Wash DC)    Universal Zulu Nation