Jaypee Diaz

Jaypee Diaz started dancing in 1993 in the Bay Area freestyle dance scene. After seeing Quickstyle in 1996 do a Locking performance at a San Jose event called Best of the Best 6 which he won, Jaypee picked up Locking and never stopped, and he was one of the few people that keeped Locking alive in the Bay Area. He was also apart of Rock Force Crew in the mid 90s to 2002.

Besides being in the premier locking group in the Bay Area, Jaypee is also a member of the Knuckle Neck Tribe watch the video with Souls of Mischief it explains what the group is about.

With the years he’s put in to the dance Jaypee believes in giving back and now teaches Locking every Thursday at City Dance Annex SF at 8- 9:30. Be in the look out for Jaypee in future battles, performance, judging, workshops, and most importantly in the cypher.