Mikey P

Mike (originally from Pennsylvania) has been locking since around 2001. While on the east coast he started the only hip hop group at Penn State University, and now the longest running dance program: Ram Squad. Also while over there he was taught by world famous Circulock Crew in New York City. Mike moved to the bay around 2006 and was quickly snatched up by GroovMekanex. He’s been rocking it with GM ever since. Generally a good guy and his locking can be described as “halfway-decent unless he’s mad.”

Let’s hear from other satisfied GroovMekanex members about Mike-

Dennis: “He is a constant inspiration for me. I will definitely name my 1st son after him. Do you want to see this original cut vinyl of the Street Fighter Alpha soundtrack now?”

JayPee: “Yea, not bad. He’s far too handsome for the rest of the group, though”

Alan: “Great guy, but he needs to chill the hell out.”

Brian: “Dude I won’t battle you again, haven’t you lost to me enough?”

Chaz: “Yea see the funk is…”

MiMi: “I love him very much, if only he wasn’t so far away…”

Esperonto: “I only met him once, but I feel like I’ve known him my whole life. He reestablished my faith that humanity still has some good in it”

DocLoc: “The only thing better about Mike than his good looks and dancing ability is that he is just so modest”

Loren: “Seriously, stop calling me.”

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